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The ultimate certification technology on the blockchain

EvidenZ is the most widely deployed blockchain certification framework in the world for higher education. At the core of EvidenZ: the power of smart contracts from the latest generation blockchains and an innovative utility token, the BCDT. After a successful ICO early 2018, the project is in production, deployed on 4 continents and referenced in the Azure marketplace: it is a real use case of the blockchain.

Full responsive UI
Mobile first
User friendly UX
Fully customizable
One click access
Cross & on-chain data storage
Dedicated encryption algorithm
Smart contract driven
Trustless and verifiable




EvidenZ is a patented framework allowing to certify any type of certificate in a secure way while respecting the GDPR. As an innovator, EvidenZ puts data at the heart of the system and exceeds frameworks based on document hashes. Its technical stack can be used in an infinite number of fields of application, on any blockchain.




Essential for the issuance of each certificate on the Ethereum blockchain, BCDT is the fuel for the EvidenZ ecosystem. It is an utility token: for each certification, a part of the BCDT used is burned, reducing its total supply de facto. 40M BCDTs were issued during an ICO in January 2018: no more BCDTs will ever be issued.




BCdiploma is the first successful use case of EvidenZ. With already more than a hundred of institutional users worldwide, BCdiploma is the world leader in digital certifications in the higher education sector. With multilingual certificates, a native integration with LinkedIn and a growing business, BCdiploma is the leading user of the BCDT.



The Co-sell Microsoft status is a win-win partnership: Microsoft sales teams are incentivized for every successful deal, and Microsoft’s support proves to be a decisive asset to perform.
Binance publishes thousands of certificates of attendance on the Binance Smart Chain for its Binance Masterclass and webinars using EvidenZ technology.
BCdiploma is a Blockchain @Berkeley alumni: we've been selected by the blockchain accelerator of the prestigious Berkeley University of California among 150 crypto projects from all over the world.
Aleph is a leading project in decentralized storage and infrastructures and bring EvidenZ the capability of storing large data on a secured decentralized network.
ARKeducation is the first cross-chain implementation of the EvidenZ framework. Built on an ARK DPoS BridgeChain, it allows storage of the certificate data on a low-energy blockchain.
Kryptosphere is the first Multi-Technological Student Project in Europe. This partnership enables students to understand the opportunities of the "blockchain digital credentials" produced by EvidenZ.

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