BCDT Token

BCDT is the fuel of the EvidenZ ecosystem. "Blockchain Certified Data Token" is an innovative ERC-20 token designed for B2B: for each certificate issued, an amount of BCDT has to feed the smart contracts. Also, EvidenZ has been built to match with BCDT’s holders economical concerns: the total supply decreases with the use of the solution.This process ensures the long-term sustainability and autonomy of the ecosystem.

BCDT initial supply


BCDT current supply

Supply evolution

Adoption is a key aspect of EvidenZ, and several mechanisms are in place to facilitate its use, notably:
  • 1- A total tracability of the information stored in a decentralized way
  • 2- A maximum level of security of the data and programs
Adoption shema


Transparent, with a great community of users, IDEX is the leader in decentralized exchanges on Ethereum. Fast and user-friendly, BCDT has been listed on this exchange since its creation. Feel free to ask for help on the EvidenZ telegram chan if needed.

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Uniswap is a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum. Uniswap is completely on-chain, and individuals can make use of the protocol as long as they have MetaMask installed. Feel free to ask for help on the EvidenZ telegram chan if needed.

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The BCDT tokens were issued during an ICO that ended in January 2018. The transaction was fully processed by smart contract, in full transparency. No BCDT tokens will ever be issued again in the future.

Initial Token repartition

40,835,044 BCDT

pie-chart Reserve Sold during ICO Founders Community 66.7% 3% 10.33% 20%

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We have always believed in Ethereum, especially with its roadmap in line with the scalability needs due to the implementation of the EvidenZ framework. When it was created, the EvidenZ project was supported by the Ethereum community during the successful 4th ICO in France, with 552 contributors in 100 countries, carried out entirely by smart contract.

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